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We often have owners contact us to help them determine a fair price at which to market their property for sale. Often times, sellers have a buyer; however, they feel uneasy dealing directly with individuals they know personally and request guidance on navigating the process of real estate transactions. Our contacts include surveyors, appraisers, attorneys, foresters, and lending institutions that we are happy to include in the process of selling or buying real estate. Owners regularly ask us, “Should I sell now, or should I wait?” We offer a market analysis to owners and strategies for maintaining appropriate tax structures to offset costs of ownership. We work with financial advisors on strategies to maximize portfolios, and we have successfully orchestrated multiple 1031 Tax Free Exchanges. For owners who will own properties for several years, or a longer period, we are happy to advise on land management, timber services, mineral rights, terrain conservation, and environmental conservation. We understand the importance of natural beauty on properties, and we believe that being a good steward of the earth is a responsibility of all property owners.